Chris Christie

Republican Bio

ChristieChris Christie runs the risk of getting his New Jersey all over everything. It will be hard for him to remake the infectious image he has crafted for himself, but he must.  Voters don’t mind the governor of New Jersey call people jerks and idiots, because most Americans assume New Jersey is full of them, but they don’t want their President to act that way. Christie will be incredibly strong in the northeast, but if he fails to win New Hampshire convincingly and to do it nicely, his run will be short.

People, informed or not, want the President to be the symbol of the country to the rest of the world. This was a problem for slick Willy, the aloof Jimmy Carter, and tricky Dick alike. In each case the Presidency was won, but only after concerns about who they really were in private were, at least for a time, satisfied.  Many thought Bill Clinton acted too much like a car salesman and had a different woman in every state, but he pointed to the fact that he had never sold cars.  Jimmy Carter had to convince the nation he wasn’t a pervert after a foolish playboy interview got weird.  Nixon just never took no for an answer and searched until he found an issue he could win with, peace.

Christie may also find the bridge from Governorship to Presidency overly crowded with other GOP candidates. Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, and even Mike Huckabee, all Governors at one time or another, may be in the field with him. With a debate stage stuffed that snuggly with executive talent, Christie runs the risk of looking like a pregnant pig in a gestation crate. (Not meant as a fat joke, but a very seriously pig gestation crate policy joke)