Joe Biden

Democratic Bio

Joe BidenI think we can all agree that we should just make Joe Biden Vice President for life, and if there is any justice in this world Hillary will keep him on the ticket in 2016. He’s like the uncle that makes Thanksgiving just entertaining enough to make it worth the drive home. Scratch that, I’ve never had a thanksgiving this entertaining:

He may give some the impression that he’s just happy to be here, but the dream of the Presidency can be something hard to give up. Mr. Biden has the most federal experience of any candidate in either party, with 36 years in the senate and 8 years in the White House. Former chair of the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees and more recently go to deal maker between a Republican Congress and a President they can’t be seen working with directly.

But Biden is nearly unelectable nationally. So much so that Republicans haven’t even bothered trying to soften him up before the primaries, as they have been doing with Hillary and even Elizabeth Warren to a lesser degree. Biden’s good natured, if not awkwardly outdated, humor has cemented an image that he’s a nice fellow, but is about as sharp as a bag of wet mice. His nomination could very well yield a full Democratic rout, yet it’s important to remember the danger of a qualified candidate when expectations for success are so unreasonably low. Lightning can strike unlikely candidates at unlikely times in Presidential politics, especially on the Democratic side. In the end, Joe Biden may yield to the Clinton juggernaut, rather than risk his career capstone being a complete rejection at the polls by his own party. But don’t think that Hillary Clinton is indifferent as to whether Joe Biden puts up a fight. The locomotive may easily overpower the bull, but that doesn’t mean it wishes to see him on the tracks.