Election Prediction (N=2)

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia is found dead Saturday morning in Texas. Before his body is cold, President Obama announces he will nominate someone soon. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the nomination should be left to the next president.

The nomination will be a bruising fight and will undoubtedly have implications for the presidential primaries and general election.

President Obama recognizes the difficulty he will have nominating a liberal judge. He also recognizes that the two leading candidates to represent the Democrat party may have significant problems winning the election against the remaining Republican candidates. Knowing his legacy as president depends on winning a third term through a Democrat successor, he therefore embarks on the following political strategy.

Obama nominates Al Gore for the position of Associate Supreme Court Justice saying, “It’s only fair since the Supreme Court stole the presidency from Gore. It’s payback time.” The conservative wing of the Republican Party is apoplectic.

Ted Cruz, while being interviewed live on Fox News, has a seizure while discussing someone like Gore on the Supreme Court.

The news coverage of the nomination dwarfs the candidates’ campaigns for President. No one is gaining traction in the primaries. As the Supreme Court concludes its last decision on June 30, 2016 (most decisions being tied 4-4), Obama announces that for the sake of the Union he is withdrawing Gore as the nominee. On July 4th, Obama announces he will nominate himself for the position, following Taft from White House to the high court. As soon as he is confirmed, he promises to step down as President and Joe Biden will take his place. Simultaneously, Joe Biden announces he will also run for president representing the Democrat Party.

Ted Cruz, while being interviewed live on Fox News, has a grand mal seizure while discussing someone like Obama on the Supreme Court.

Republicans in the Senate are caught flat-footed and they are unable to stop Obama’s self nomination. As one of the youngest justices on the court he will be able to continue his liberal agenda well past the end of his presidency. At the Democratic National Convention, Sanders and Clinton are unable to stop the Biden wave. All the super delegates choose Biden in the first ballot and no candidate wins a majority. On the second ballot Sanders and Clinton release their delegates to vote for Biden, who selects Michelle Obama as his running mate.

Ted Cruz, while being interviewed live on Fox News, has a stroke while discussing someone like Michelle Obama as Vice President.

Biden, running as a sitting president, wins easily.

While being interviewed live on Fox News, Ted Cruz’s head explodes.

This is just my opinion. I may be wrong.