Super Tuesday Preview

Super Tuesday has come at last. The stacking of a large number of delegates following the early states was originally designed to stop an insurgent candidate before he or she could gather momentum. Today, it may stop the establishment from being able to reign in their party before it bolts to nominate a Machiavellian Frankenstein monster they themselves created. Thank Newt Gingrich (that’s right, I’m gratuitously blaming this all on the Newtron bomb) for the GOP’s zero-sum game philosophy to rhetoric.

Here’s our schedule tonight:

7:00 pm ET: Georgia, Vermont, Virginia

8:00 pm ET: Alabama, Massachusetts, Minnesota (caucus), Oklahoma, Tennessee,

8:30 pm ET: Arkansas

9:00 pm ET: Texas, Colorado (DEM caucus)

12:00 a.m. ET: Alaska

Marco Rubio has an outside chance of winning a state for the first time. Seriously, this is how desperate the establishment is. They’re rallying behind someone who hasn’t and maybe can’t win a primary contest. At least Taft picked off a couple states before the establishment grossly handed him the nomination against the will of the electorate.

Donald Trump, which you may be reading as “Donald Drumpf” if you have the right chrome extension, appears poised to carry a majority of Super Tuesday contests. The horse race watchers will over inflate the importance of Texas, Senator Cruz’s adopted home state, but the fact that the race might be tight there goes to show just how dominate the Drumpf has become.

If Rubio fails to win even a single state, Cruz will have a strong argument that he is the only one nasty and unlikable enough to compete for the hearts of Republican voters.

Goodbye Bernie. I look forward to referring to you and Pat Buchanan in the same sentence many times in the future.