Are the Clintons Skirting the Constitution?

This week Hillary Clinton announced that if elected she would put Bill in charge of the economy. It’s probably not the smartest thing to pass the buck on what is likely the central issue of the election, but what’s more problematic is that such a powerful position will be given to a former president who is term-limited. I immediately thought of Governor Lurleen Wallace of Alabama, wife of the then term-limited Governor George Wallace (who eventually just changed the law so he could be Governor again).

I don’t believe that Hillary would be a puppet president for Bill, but running the economy is a little different than growing carrots in the White House garden and promoting exercise. If Hillary becomes president, Republicans will look for any reason to impeach her, since they already believe she is “crooked.” Perhaps then, the Clintons should not be so casual with someone barred from the presidency picking up the reins of power so conspicuously.